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What is Oxygen Cutting
Oxygen Cutting is a chemical reaction between Pure Oxygen and Steel, forming iron oxide. It can be described as a fast controlled oxidation (scum)
How does it work
A warm-up flame is used to raise the steel temperature exactly at the cutting point to about 1000 ° C (it gets shining red), but not above the melting point. Then, a high velocity and a small diameter oxygen stream column is directed to the preheated area with high pressure. The very lively exothermic chemical reaction followed by the metal is oxidized very quickly, since the temperature is so high, and the oxides generated melt from the extra energy produced by the exothermic reaction and are removed from the Oxygen stream. The preheating and the Oxygen stream move in the desired direction at a constant speed and thus the cutting is done.
Is it used with all metals?
No! It depends on the melting point of the oxides of the metal, i.e. the temperature that the metal oxides melt. The oxide of each metal is a different chemical compound, with its own physical properties. If the temperature at which the oxide melts is higher than the melting temperature of the metal itself, the cutting process stops because the oxidation creates a refractory protective layer on the metal. Only carbon-poor steels and other low-carbon alloys can be cut through this process.
What are the High Quality Oxygen Cutting Features?
Some experience is needed to see if cutting is of excellent or lower quality. The main features to judge are:
There must be clear cut surfaces with the cut marks as close as possible
The grate on the lower cutting surface should be as small as possible and easily removed
The cutting surface must be flat from top to bottom, and no more material has been removed from the bottom
The upper corners must be sharp, their possible curvature must be a very small radius
The cutting surface must be perpendicular to the top surface of the sheet
What is the basic terminology about Oxygencopy?
With regard to Oxygencopy, it is useful to know the following terminology:
Flame Warming Up
Oxygen stream
Torch and Nozzle
Cutting speed
Material that we cut
What are the types of gases used in Oxygencopy?
Oxygen is used in oxygen. However, acetylene (acetylene) and LPG-Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are also used to create the high temperature flame preheating.


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